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The RED QUEEN Series

08/08/2018 - King's Cage

The Red Queen series is a quartet of books, including two novellas, all published by HarperTeen at HarperCollins. The amount of books can make reading order confusing, so I suggest reading Red Queen, Glass Sword, the novellas Queen Song and Steel Sca ... Read More

All eight Harry Potter films are returning to theaters, and here's everything us muggles need to know

08/08/2018 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Wands at the ready, friends, because every single Harry Potter movie is headed back to theaters in celebration of the most important anniversary in the history of the Wizarding World: The groundbreaking series’ inception. Two decade ... Read More

Dark Makeover: Warner Bros Studio

08/08/2018 - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London announced exciting new details about the next magical exhibit to take over the tour. Beginning Sept. 28, and perfectly coinciding with the Halloween season, the tour will explore the influence of the Dark Arts in the Wizard ... Read More

Learn to code with KANO’s new Coding Kit, inspired by Harry Potter

08/08/2018 - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

For aspiring coders out there, you can now learn to code and be delighted by the Wizarding World along the way, thanks to this new Coding Kit from Kano. This new product from computer company Kano, available for pre-order, celebrates creativity and dem ... Read More

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Glass Sword

" I would rate it like 4/5. It wasn't great... because it was quite slow in some parts but overa" ... Read More

Oathbringer: The Stormlight Archive Book Three

" Honestly, this series is the best. If you ever get the chance to read it, please do! " ... Read More

Red Queen

" It had an okay start, slow middle and boring end. " ... Read More

Glass Sword

"kinda rubbish. " ... Read More

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