Learn to code with KANO’s new Coding Kit, inspired by Harry Potter


For aspiring coders out there, you can now learn to code and be delighted by the Wizarding World along the way, thanks to this new Coding Kit from Kano.

This new product from computer company Kano, available for pre-order, celebrates creativity and demonstrates the capabilities of code and technology.


Harry Potter Coding Kit Wand by KANO

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Harry Potter Coding Kit by KANO


The main tool, the coding wand, which comes with a step-by-step coding manual and accompanying Kano app, teaches the basics of computer programming. And once built, the coding wand’s built-in motion sensors can be used on over 70 gaming challenges across six different Wizarding World backgrounds, including Hogwarts castle, Hagrid’s hut, Honeydukes shop, and the Forbidden Forest. Moving the coding wand in a given order will activate code, and sometimes these movements might even be familiar as spell movements from the Wizarding World!

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